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$1 a day - Fundamentals.

Are you a startup?, cashflow issues? or have never marketed online.

This plan will get you started. This is the most affordable online marketing plan you will find anywhere.

Intended for very small comapanies or startups, who have no marketing currently and also have no budget for a more targeted campaign. This package provides the very fundamentals of submission to the search engines and correction or submission of online information. This includes names, addresses and industry including sic codes. This also provides submissions to referral sites so you can start to get business online.

We will run a FREE status report on your business. Check your online mentions and listings for accuracy. Plus we will provide:

  • Correction of online information Incl.contact, address, phone, website & more.
  • Monthly submission to 25+ search engines/directories -5 key words/phrases.
  • Monthly creation of 5 links to your business.
  • Monthly creation of 5 Social Network links.
  • Monthly submission to 5 industry websites.
  • Monthly mentions in online comments sections.

This package does NOT include SEO, SEM, Social Network integration or setup, Blogs, Specialist directory submissions or any modifications or construction of websites, pages or other marketing materials.

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Monthly Plans and Pricing

Before we present the monthly plans and what services each offers, below, you will find a set of common services that we provide on all of our plans.

These ensure that your website is ready for submission and that when we send your website information to the search engines you are taking advantage of the opportunity to get the best placement possible. If these items are not optimized on your site, we can take care of that work for you or you can call your current website designer:

  • Keywords Mapping
  • Keywords density check
  • Title Tag changes suggestions
  • Meta tags changes suggestions
  • Alt tag changes suggestions
  • HTML Site Map suggestions
  • XML site map setup
  • Google analytics setup
  • Keywords Analysis & Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ror.XML File creation
  • Robots.Txt File creation


Monthly Plan - $199

  • 5 Keywords/Phrases
  • 5 Search Engine Submissions
  • 10 Manual Directory Submissions
  • 10 Social Bookmarking Submissions
  • 1 Press Release writing
  • 1 Press Release submissions
  • 1 Unique, 400 word article written
  • 1 Article Submissions
  • 1 Web2.0/Blog postings
  • Contact Information Accuracy Management

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Monthly Plan - $299

  • 5 Keywords/Phrases
  • 10 Search Engine Submissions
  • 15 Manual Directory Submissions
  • 15 Social Bookmarking Submissions
  • 2 Press Release writing
  • 2 Press Release submissions
  • 2 Unique, 400 word article written
  • 2 Article Submissions
  • 2 Web2.0/Blog postings
  • 10 Social Twitter Posts
  • 10 Social Facebook Marketing Submissions
  • Contact Information Accuracy Management

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Monthly Plan - $399

  • 5 Keywords/Phrases
  • 15 Search Engine Submissions
  • 20 Manual Directory Submissions
  • 20 Social Bookmarking Submissions
  • 4 Press Release writing
  • 4 Press Release submissions
  • 4 Unique, 400 word article written
  • 4 Article Submissions
  • 4 Web2.0/Blog postings
  • 15 Social Twitter Posts
  • 15 Social Facebook Marketing Submissions
  • 30 Two Way Directory or backLink
  • Contact Information Accuracy Management

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Monthly Plan - $499

  • 5 Keywords/Phrases
  • 20 Search Engine Submissions
  • 25 Manual Directory Submissions
  • 25 Social Bookmarking Submissions
  • 8 Press Release writing
  • 8 Press Release submissions
  • 8 Unique, 400 word article written
  • 8 Article Submissions
  • 8 Web2.0/Blog postings
  • 20 Social Twitter Posts
  • 20 Social Facebook Marketing Submissions
  • 50 Two Way Directory or backLink
  • 20 Landing Pages
  • Reputation management.
  • Contact Information Accuracy Management

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Train Your Staff & Save!

Train Your Staff using our Experts

In addition to the monthly plans, we also offer stand alone options that include training in marketing your own business. If you already have staff that are responsible for limited marketing online, these options can help ensure that your staff knows what to do and more importantly what not to do.

Online marketing is obviously a huge subject and our training will not make you a marketing genius. It will however make you competent and may also help in saving you some money if your budget is tight but you have staff available.


Social Media Marketing

6 Lessons - $699

  • 1 lesson per week
  • Each lesson is 2 Hrs
  • Course available online
  • Certification
  • Familiarity with Social Media
  • Using SM for Marketing
  • Best Practices
  • Getting Results
  • 12 Social Media Sources

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Zero Cost Marketing

8 Lessons - $899

  • 1 lesson per week
  • Each lesson is 2 Hrs
  • Course available online
  • Certification
  • Using FREE Net Resources
  • Avoiding the Pay per Click
  • Sourcing Marketing Ideas
  • Monitor your Performance
  • Mistake Avoidance

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SEO, Blogs, Links and Submissions

10 Lessons - $1099

  • 1 lesson per week
  • Each lesson is 2 Hrs
  • Course available online
  • Certification
  • Search Engines
  • Blogs - How Useful?
  • Links - Back & Forward
  • The balance of Submissions
  • Everything is Online

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The Complete Online Marketer

12 Lessons - $1499

  • 1 lesson per week
  • Each lesson is 2 Hrs
  • Course available online
  • Certification
  • Planning your Campaign
  • Organizing your Approach
  • Plan your Month
  • Web Resources
  • Monitor, Modify & Execute

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